The Royal Valley Project

14.07 MW Agrivoltaic PV plant with 6MWh of storage at Potamia village, Nicosia District

Thalis Engineering Co Ltd is pleased to announce that, after the successful presentation and public consultation on July 1st with the local community of Potamia village, the revised Environmental Impact Assessment report has been completed and will be submitted to the Department of Environment of the Republic of Cyprus.

Interested parties will be able to review the EIA by visiting the Department of Environment website.

The Project is one of the largest and most innovative PV plant to be developed in Cyprus. It consists of 14.07 MW PVs on single-axis trackers, includes 6MWh battery storage, and will operate based on the Agrivoltaics methodology, i.e., will combine Renewable Energy generation with Agricultural production. 

The Project has already received the attention and strong support by both the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment as well as all five Agricultural Unions of the island. 

The owner of the Project is Royal Valley Holdings Ltd, and Thalis Engineering Co Ltd has the overall project management and supervision. The Project is schedule to enter into operation within 2022. 

Press Release | 06 August 2021
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