Unique Selling Points

Today’s missing link in providing a 24/7 grid quality 100% GREEN & STABLE energy in a cost-effective manner.
SolarDish®, due to its Thermal Energy Storage system and the full control over the flow of heat towards the generator, is a 100% dispatchable electricity generation unit.
Modular and Scalable
Each system is a stand-alone zero-emissions unit, able to produce grid quality electrical power on demand. This provides the benefit of total freedom in the design of a plant of any size (from kilowatts of distributed power projects to gigawatts of utility scale projects), as well as to operate the plant by using or keeping in stand-by mode, any combination of units. From one unit to several thousands.
Steady and stable production
PCM (Phase Change Material) technology provides the ability for the TES system to have steady and stable flow of heat towards the generator (isothermal energy dispatch) with minimal thermal losses during the daily charge-discharge cycle.
Grid quality AC power
Base Load Plant and/or Ancillary Services
Dispatchability, Modularity, Scalability, and Power Output Stability of the system enables any SolarDish® plant to generate a continuous, fully controllable production profile and to be used as a baseload plant and/or to provide ancillary services to the grid (Phase & Voltage regulation, demand response services, etc.) as well as grid reserves.
Site Flexibility – No flat terrain needed
The fact that the system is integrated as a stand-alone unit mounted on a pole, provides the flexibility to be placed almost anywhere, even on slope terrains.
No water resources needed for power production
Power is generated by a Stirling Engine, thus no need for steam cycle and no need of water for power production.
Quick and easy installation.
Rapid ROI
The system provides immediate high financial returns due to the system’s high performance, with high 85%+ exergetic efficiency and power block thermal efficiency rate above 30%.
Suitable and cost effective even for geographical areas with moderate DNI resource
SolarDish® systems’ high exergetic efficiency and high thermal efficiency of its power block makes it economically viable even at locations of moderate DNI resource (between 1,700 – 2,000 KWh/m2) such Southern Europe.
Breakthrough carbon-free solution under high variable renewables penetration scenario
The continuous addition of variable renewables in the energy mix without mitigation of variability leads to high levels of marginal curtailment of PV and Wind resources, effectively making them more expensive. SolarDish® technology provides a viable solution to PV and Wind curtailment and therefore reduce overall power system costs.
30 years’ service life (at least)
Robust – Minimum to Zero maintenance
The hermetically sealed free piston Stirling engine (FPSE) generator and TES system do not require any kind of human intervention, service, or maintenance for extremely long periods of time. The Power Block auxiliary systems (cooling, UPS, and power converters) only require a low-cost annual service.
Quite operation <65 DB
Automotive – scale production reassures low cost and high-quality standards.
LCOE between €0. 03 to €0.10 per KWh, depending on
geographical area & system version.
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