Renewable Energy Projects – One Stop Shop

Thalis, as a technology company with deep knowledge of the Cyprus energy market, offers Turnkey – One Stop Shop services to companies and entrepreneurs wishing to enter the new competitive market.

Our services cover the whole spectrum of needs, such as:

  • Consultancy
  • Licensing
  • Project Management
  • Design and Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Operations
  • Maintenance & Support Services
  • Setting up Energy Production and Supply companies

Projects in progress

€14 M

Royal Valley PV Park

Description: 14.07 MW Agrivoltaic PV park with single-axis trackers and 6 MWh of battery storage
Current State: Licensing at its last stages, final engineering and procurement in Fall 2021.
Royal Valley Holding Ltd Late 2022 Potamia, Nicosia District
€13.5 M

The Cornaro Project

Description: 2 MW SolarDish® CSP Demonstration project with 12 hours of Thermal Energy Storage
Current State: Immediate implementation after successful completion of the 2nd Development phase of the system
Thalis Engineering Co Ltd Mid 2023 Potamia – Agios Sozomenos, Nicosia District
€200 M

Agrinio Project

Description: 50 MW SolarDish® CSP project with 12 hours of Thermal Energy Storage
Current State: Acquisition of land completed, early Licensing stage.
Heliothermiki Energiaki (CSP) Hellas S.A End of 2023 Province of Aetolia-Akarnania in Greece
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