Engineering Services

During the last seven years, Thalis, through its highly qualified US based R&D team, has managed to acquire and accumulate a vast amount of knowledge and engineering expertise. Each one of the six subsystems/components of SolarDish® is an integration of several existing breakthrough and incremental innovations. These innovations can provide effective solutions for a great number of future applications. Thalis, recognizing this advantage, is planning to start offering engineering services and license of use to third parties that wish to take advantage of these technologies in other fields of interest, such as cost-effective Hydrogen electrolysis systems, heating and cooling systems, enriched natural gas, usage of industrial heat waste, CO2 removal, production of materials, production of fertilizers, and many more. 

Thalis’ engineering team will be more than happy to discuss these opportunities with new entrepreneurs, companies, university labs and researchers especially within Europe and the MENA region.

Our focus of interest is in areas such as:

  • Very high temperature heat transfer and management systems.
  • Electromagnetic pumping. 
  • Thermal energy storage systems using PCM technology. 
  • Power control and monitoring. 
    • Solar parabolic dishe concentrators 
    • Thermal conductors
    • Insulation materials 

Also, Thalis is highly interested in acquiring other novel technologies that may complement its core activities and/or join ventures for the development of such technologies. 

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