Capital Increase Call


Thalis Engineering Co Ltd is pleased to announce, as it approaches the implementation of the 2nd phase (out of three) of its Development program for its new SolarDish® technology and the implementation of its First 2MW Demonstration Project, is planning to issue a private call for a eight (8) million Euro Capital Increase, within 2023. 

The call will address select Angel Investors, Venture Capital Funds as well as other Institutional and Private Investors.

More information will be released early 2023, alongside with the activation of Thalis’ new Investors Portal. 

The Investors Portal will initially contain the following:

  • Investor Pitch Deck
  • Detailed Investor’s Memorandum
  • Legal Due Diligence report
  • Technical Due Diligence report
  • A dynamic Q&A which will be progressively updated based on market reactions
  • Video Presentations
  • Invitations for Webinars 
Press Release | 15 September 2022
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